Self-Help Materials

The materials have been grouped according to the problem area that you may wish to address (e.g., anger, anxiety) and tasks or skills that you want to focus on (e.g., working with hot thoughts and learning to take perspective. The menu to the right links you to fact sheets that describe specific issues and the manner in which these issues are usually addressed in cognitive behaviour therapy.



Anger and interpersonal sensitivities
        Dealing with repetitive angry thoughts
        Biases, Tools and Strategies
        Planning for difficulties

Working with our thoughts:
        What is it about our thoughts?
        Thinking shortcuts and biases
        Working with hot thoughts
        Taking perspective

Motivation and procrastination
        What comes around goes around
        The starting point: activity log
        Getting started by doing what we like and rating our progress
        What keeps us stuck

If you did not find the information that you need, feel free to e-mail me or check the page at a later date.
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