Fees and Policies

It is important that we both agree on guidelines for our meetings before we start our work together. These guidelines pertain to confidentiality, structure of our appointments, response to emergencies and office policies with respect to payments and cancellations.

A standard form is available here for your convenience.

Crises and Emergencies
My private practice operates on part-time basis and consequently I am not able to respond to emergencies. At the same time, we will work hard to identify your difficulties and to develop crisis plans that would assist us with prevention of such emergencies.

If you are a person at risk of suicide, I ask that we involve someone close to you in our safety planning and conduct at least one joint appointment so that this person can have a better understanding of what type of assistance works the best for you and what is expected of them. In such situations, I also need to be in close communication with your doctor in order to ensure that we remain well coordinated to ensure your safety while we are working on some tough issues in therapy.

Your confidentiality and privacy is important. However, I have to keep records of our appointments. These records are kept locked and are released only to persons or service providers that you identify in a written consent form. Your records will not be released without your written consent unless they are subpoenaed by court. You have the right to be given a copy of your records but in such circumstances I ask that you sign a form confirming that you have received a copy of your records and assume responsibility for the manner in which these copies will be used.

Your confidentiality may be broken when there is a risk that you may cause physical harm to another person, you are at high risk of ending your life or there are reasons to suspect child abuse. The sharing of information in the above circumstances is limited to what is necessary in order to ensure safety.

Fees and Payments
My fee is $140 per appointment that usually lasts about 55 minutes. This fee should be paid in cash or by cheque at the end of each appointment unless an arrangement has been made directly with your insurance company. In special circumstances I will accept payments via PayPal to enable you to pay by credit card.

Please check the extent of your coverage with your insurance company. We can defer the payment for up to a month until you receive your reimbursement. It is understood that you will be responsible for any outstanding fees that may not be covered your insurance. This is an important consideration as many insurance companies cap the amount for which you are eligible. In order to keep my fees relatively low, I have to assign the job of dealing with your insurance to you. If you hope to be reimbursed by them, please ensure that you are covered for psychotherapy or counselling that is delivered by a social worker with a master’s degree.

We generally do not charge cancellation fees but please keep in mind that I do not have many appointment spaces available and consequently need at least 3 days notice to be able to offer the appointment time to someone else. A person who cancels more than three appointments will be asked to pay for an appointment before a booking is made and this payment will not be reimbursed if they fail to show up. There is no penalty for emergency cancellations provided that this is not a frequent occurrence.

Please give me 3-days-notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

We understand that emergencies happen and you will not be charged for missed appointments that you were unable to make for valid reasons. However if we are faced with couple of no shows or same day cancellations, you will be asked to pay the appointment fee prior to booking another appointment and that fee will be retained even if you are unable to attend.

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