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To Book an Appointment

Professional referrals are not required. In the future you will be able to book an appointment at any time by sending us a message or calling / texting us.  Unfortunately we are not able to schedule any appointments at this time.

The intake form was developed to help you clarify some of your therapy objectives and so it may be helpful to complete this form before your first appointment. You can download it by clicking on the highlighted text. A referral form can be completed by a health professional who knows you. Having this form completed by a physician may help you with getting reimbursement through your insurance company as some plans pay only for treatments that are recommended by physicians. Please note that having a referral form completed by the physician is not a guarantee of reimbursement as your coverage depends on the contract you have with your insurance company. To avoid disappointment, send the referral form and a form letter that outlines my credentials to your insurance company to verify the extent of your coverage before beginning therapy.

Of course, you are welcome to book an appointment directly without worrying about the referral form.

Click here to access a form letter that you can send to your insurance company to verify the extent of your coverage.